My absolute favorit ad of the year!!!

A TV ad that starts conversation.



New clues found, of missing litle red riding hood!

A new dramatic turn, unleashed photo shows, the litle red riding hoods last person she has been in contact with.

”She was going to visit her grandmother, and i havent heard from her since im so worried, last time i saw her was in the forrest, but we went sepered ways”

Blood sample has been found nere the village, from a house nere bye the forrest. Police a still working on getting her identified, it is still onsurtent there couldt be any connection, between the sudden disapiring of lite red riding hood, and the blood samples in the southen village, where by rumors lived a old lady.

Practicing at school. selling shampoo for a Businesswoman.



It Rains...
Think i rather go to 
sleepa gain, and watch
 some dragonball Z
 wanna join ? 


Whats wrong with artdirectors! Skateboard design? I design Tampons!


A Choppingboard..

Payback time! MUHAHAH

Alternative facebook profil foto

Portrait of my brain.

Well the blog is still fresh, new, 
young, innocent, perverted of the fresh
white design, and hopefully i whouldt get 
borred of it and turn in to a elefant penis pink.. 


Day 3... 
I can.. what is called... SOVE LÆNGE.